Tech Gifts

If you want to get a good gift for your gadget-obsessed family member or friend then investing in good quality Tech Gifts might be a good option for you. However, if you are looking out for the best Tech Gifts then it is important for you to have an idea about what actually is working these days and what is new in the market for technological gadgets. But what if your gadget-obsessed family member or friend has everything? Of course, you cannot go for a popular product like an iPad or iPhone. It becomes important for you to get something exclusive but at the same time fun and useful.

Apple TV

An Apple Tv gives you the scope of streaming Netflix, YouTube and iTunes. This gadget can also be synced with an iPhone or iPad and it is also quite affordable. The price of this amazing tech gadget is $99. It possesses 8 GB space and has various other capabilities.

Tech GiftsKindle Wi-Fi

Kindle Wi-Fi makes for a wonderful tech gift for people who are fond of books. It gives you the convenience of downloading books and reading them almost anywhere. The price of this gadget is coming down on a regular basis and has fallen below $100. It is great for the people who like to read anywhere, anytime.

MP3 Alarm Clock from Star Wars

This is a very exclusive gift for people who love Star Wars. This is an alarm clock and a lamp and it can also be used in the form of a MP3 player.

Epic 4G Android Phone from Samsung

Is your family member or your friend in need of updating his or her phone? If so, then you can gift him or her this Android phone from Samsung possessing GPS, 4G wireless connectivity and various other features that will surely blow your friend’s mind. This is the best tech gift for people who are not happy with the smartphones they are using.

Fisher-Price iXL

The Fisher-Price iXL is basically a portable entertainment system and media player meant for the young crowds. This gadget is best for kids and teenagers.


Smartswipe is the best tech gift for people who are fond of shopping online but do not like to provide their credit card details every time. Smartswipe is a tool that can be connected to the computer and it saves a lot of time as well. You just need to swipe the card and your card details is encrypted and forwarded to any retailer you might be shopping from. This is a very safe and easy method of carrying out online transactions.

Pen Sized Scanner

The pen sized scanner costs $125 and it serves as a good solution for people who are always in the look out of the tool that can help them in scanning and storing their important documents easily. This scanner avoids the hassle of using those bulky scanners and it even helps in saving a lot of paper. The scanner comes in the form of a ball point pen possessing auto-focus and high precision lens along with 5 megapixel inbuilt scanner for creating 2048X1536 pixel images. The capacity of the flash memory of this scanner is 1 GB and it possesses the ability of holding more than 1000 images in JPEG format. Another important feature of this scanner is that it has the capacity of recording voice memos through its integrated microphone.

5 Axis Video Stabilizing Camera

The 5 axis video stabilizing camera costs $350 and it is the only camera in the market with 3 axis still stabilization and 5 axis video stabilization. It produces sharp and smooth photos and movies without making use of a tripod. There are other great features of this digital camera like 16 megapixel camera, high-speed CMOS sensor, 24x optical zoom, 48x digital zoom, quick response, auto-focusing and 25mm wide-angle lens.

AAAXA M2 Micro Projector

This is a very small projector which has the ability of fitting in the palm of one’s hand. The projector can easily be used in the form of a quality media player. It is one of the best projectors available in the market these days.